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Our Physical Education program offers to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of your child in a caring environment that will allow him/her to develop to his/her highest potential. The Physical Education curriculum is based on the national and state Physical Education standards and best practices in teaching Physical Education.

In addition, we complement our Physical Education program by using the Play Like a Champion Today educational series.  Play Like a Champion Today is a national coach and parent education program designed specifically to elevate the culture of Catholic school-sponsored sports.  Crafted by leaders in the fields of sport psychology, coaching education, Catholic theology and moral development, Play Like a Champion works in partnership with our schools to enable the athletic experience to be a missionary tool to develop our youth physically, socially, morally and spiritually. The curriculum promotes whole-child development and lifelong physical literacy, offering a unique integration of faith formation and prayer to support the school’s mission.

*Play Like a Champion Today information adapted from