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I would like to welcome you to St. James Catholic School located in North Miami. St. James Catholic School has served the community by exemplifying excellence in Catholic education for over 65 years. Our wonderful faculty and staff are dedicated to fulfilling our mission to the formation of the heart and mind of all students, providing an environment rooted in the Gospel message and the teachings of the Catholic Church that nurtures academic excellence, Christ-like character, and spiritual growth. St. James’ quality Catholic education is complemented by our parents' collaboration and support, which continue to blossom our learners into faith-filled global citizens and future community leaders living and practicing God’s teachings. St. James Catholic School offers a rigorous academic program integrating technology and the teachings of the Catholic faith within a family-like atmosphere. 

As a product of Catholic education, I realize and appreciate the education and experiences my Catholic education has bestowed upon me and my outlook on life. I invite you to spend some time perusing our website to discover how St. James Catholic School can contribute to your child receiving a quality Catholic education.  Come join the St. James family!

Yours in Christ, 
Lori Bryant